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Keynote Speaker: Jerome E. Horton

Appointed to the California State Board of Equalization n June of 2009 by Governor Schwarzenegger and confirmed by the California State Legislature, Jerome E. Horton was overwhelmingly elected in November 2010 and re-elected in 2014 to represent over nine million Californians in Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties. Horton served as Chair of the Board from 2010 to 2016; Vice Chair from 2009 to 2010 and now as Chairman of the Property Tax Committee. Horton is distinguished as the only Member of the Board with over 37 years of tax policy, law, and administrative experience: including 22 years within the Board of Equalization, three terms in the California Legislature, and Member of the California Medical Assistance Commission, Cultural and Inglewood City Council. Horton is also the first African American elected to the Board since its inception. Horton also served as a City Councilman, licensed Realtor, real estate investment consultant and exchange expert, in which he shepherded investment in affordable housing and other multiple units prior to joining the Legislature. His International Trade Conference focuses on the tax implications of doing business internationally and how tax credits that help Californians expand their businesses internationally have been a resource for many California and foreign businesses. Horton is known for his use of education to enable Californians to start, grow, and develop their businesses internationally and domestically; to empower thousands of women for employment, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities; and to minimize the burden of taxation.

Mr. Robert Nicolas is the Executive Director of AME-SADA, a non-profit organization founded in 1977.  AEM-SADA is the international humanitarian relief and development agency of the international African Methodist Episcopal Church.  AME-SADA works in collaboration with grassroots communities to institute programs in education, health agriculture and economic development to encourage people in Africa and the Caribbean to actively and meaningfully participate in the economic life and development of their nations.   Headquartered in Washington DC, AME-SADA has country offices in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Johannesburg, South Africa.  As Executive Director, Mr. Nicolas provides the overall leadership and direction for the organization and its management, policies, programs, and funding throughout the Caribbean and Africa.
Mr. Nicolas has 34 years of experience in the design, and evaluation of economic and social development projects in Africa and the Caribbean.  Throughout his career, he has been committed to economic and social justice for the people of Africa and its Diaspora.  Prior to joining AME-SADA in 2003, he served for ten years as a Partner with the firm of Curtis Lewis & Associates, P.C.  From 1986 – 1990 he served as Peace Corps Country Director in Togo and served as Executive Vice President of the Development Assistance Corporation (DAC) for five years, a private consulting firm specializing in integrated rural development in Africa.  He previously worked as a Project Director for the Phelps Stokes Fund, a New non-profit with programs in economic development in Africa and the Caribbean. He also worked as a private consultant prior to joining the Phelps Stokes Fund and started his career with the Securities Exchange Commission.
His academic qualification includes a J.D. from the University of California, Davis School of Law in 1974; B. A., Political Science, Minors in Economics and History from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1971, including one year in the Study Abroad Program at the Université de Bordeaux, Faculté de et de Sciences Politiques. He is very active in his local community affairs and has worked several local political campaigns and serves on the board of several local organizations, including Haitian-American and Haitian Diaspora organizations.  He is fluent in French and Haitian Creole.  He also has a working knowledge of Spanish.  He is originally from Haiti and resides in Washington DC.

Ms. Kim Poole is a Soul Fusion Performing Artist/Teaching Artist and Founding Fellow of the Teaching Artist Institute (TAI), providing an opportunity for artist and artisan to learn techniques for social transformation while fostering outlets for socially engaged art. Through TAI, Kim and her team of Teaching Artist are originating the Art for Social Transformation: Teaching Artistry in Action curriculum & workbook for change agents and universities interested in exploring the “Art of Possibility” around the world.  She has a passion for encouraging the “Rhythm People” as she refers to them, to reclaim their global cultural economy and a knack for celebrating the beauty and resilience of women with SUPERLASHES through her music and the SHEROE Sisterhood.  At 31yrs old, Ms. Kim Poole has over ten years’ experience in International Art Cultural Diplomacy.  The world has only begun to learn how this Soul-Fusion Teaching Artist will redefine our understanding of artistic expression in social transformation.

In 2016, twelve Teaching Artist from across the Teaching Artist Institute expanded the scoop of the Pan African Business and Trade conference with the first presentation of Art centered economics.  By sharing aspects of the NOMAD Village: An approach to reclaiming the Global Cultural Economy of Rhythm People, the foundation of the NOMAD Tour was born.  This year the Teaching Artist Institute will return to the Conference to build on the tradition of including Art and Culture the center of development in spaces that cater to economic empowerment for African people with demonstrations, and workshops featured on the NOMAD Tour.  In addition to the Los Angeles, California tour stop taking place September 15, 16, and 17; culminating in Leimert Park, other NOMAD Tour stops for this year also include Dallas, Texas, Kingston, Jamaica, Santiago, Cuba, and Paris France; touring to promote and preservation of the African Identity in the in order to reclaim the Global Cultural Economy of Rhythm People. 

Gwendolyn Patrick, MBA, --Founding Board Chair/CFO and Chief Strategic Business Development Officer of ABC&D International Consulting Group Corp (NV)-a private international consulting firm, provides specialized services in Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Business Development. ABC & Dthe acronym for Advanced Business Capital & Development - is a private international consulting firm, which provides specialized services in Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Business Development. ABC&D’s services also comprise extensive capabilities in competitor intelligence, industry/market research, import/export trade opportunities and economic analysis of current and future emerging markets. Ms. Patrick has more than 30 years of executive experience with Fortune 100 Multi-National Corporations, County Governments, Non-Profit Corporations, Academia, Federal Budget Title Programs and the Small Business Administration. She has recently established the USA-AFRICA Trade Research Institute, a non-profit and NGO group member of diversified industry partners that facilitate global development projects and investments in West African and South Africa Regions. Ms. Patrick is the California Chairperson for Global Business Roundtable-USA, Inc., an International Affiliate of the Global South African NGO and currently sits on the national Board of Directors for GBR-USA, Inc. & GFFJ-USA, Inc. as Vice President-Compliance Officer.

Dr. Salim Faraji the founding Executive Director of the MAIS Africa Program at Concordia University Irvine has established a Masters in International Studies in Ghana and recently traveled to Namibia to lay the foundation for the MAIS Africa program there as well. He is also an Associate Professor of Africana Studies at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He completed his M.A. and Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University. He is a member of the International Society for Nubian Studies and specializes in early Christian history, Africana and Africanist historiography, Coptic Studies and the Sudanic, Napatan, Meroitic and Medieval periods of Nubian history. He has presented papers on Africa's Tripartite Free Trade Agreement and Aquaculture and Food Security in Ghana, West Africa at the 2nd and 3rd Annual Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference.  Dr. Faraji has served as Vice President of Building Libraries for Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing libraries and resources for rural villages in Northern Ghana. He is one of a handful of Nubiologists in the United States and is the author of Roots of Nubian Christianity Uncovered: The Triumph of the Last Pharaoh.  He is also a contributor to the Encyclopedia of African Religion and the Oxford Dictionary of African Biography.

Dr. David Horne is a tenured full professor of Critical Thinking and African and is the former chair of the Pan African Studies Department at Cal State University Northridge. He also teaches graduate public policy and introductory political and is the graduate advisor for the department. He is the original Executive Director of the California African American Political Institute at CSU Northridge, the former Executive Director of the revised California African American Political and Economic Institute at California State University, Dominguez Hills and the founding Director of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC). Currently, he is the Director of the Pan African Public Policy Institute housed in the of Pan African Studies at Cal State Northridge, and the Co-Founder and political consultant to the Council of Black Political Organizations” (COBPO).

Thomas "TJ" Lofton has nearly three decades of business and entrepreneur coaching experience as the CEO of three multi-million dollar companies. He founded three successful global businesses, including Express Gold Plating, Compton and Molded Suspension. 
Thomas was a manufacturer, distributor and exclusive dealer of dozens of auto parts and accessories, supplying over 100 stores around the world.  He then his business Gold Plating and played a pivotal role in creating a new multi-billion dollar industry during that time. As a result, he was able to other businesses such as an Auto Body Shop, Business Consulting, Real Estate and Mortgage Company, clothing company, a tow truck company, a barbershop and a beauty salon, to name a few. His classic cars led him into the film industry as his cars were featured in music videos, movies, television shows, and commercials. He was invited to be on of NWA’s mega-hit reunion movie, "Straight Outta Compton", and "Driving While Black".TJ was featured in on the cover of last November's issue of Wheels Magazine and just recently, an engaging press release at Loftin still manufactures and ships auto parts around the world and has now established a production company, LOF10 Productions. He travels across the country providing workshops, coaching, consulting and facilitating Boot Camps promoting the original hit concept of “Creating Wealth from the Dirt.” These workshops illustrate how to think outside the box and give examples how to be a leader in your own industry. Loftin’s presentations are designed to teach clients of all ages how to start lucrative businesses and create legacies that will withstand the test of time, teaching how to identify and create innovative investment and adopt the most successful habits of business-minded people.

Denise Davidson is the Founder/ Executive Director of the Village Mindful-Wellness Counseling Program(VMWC) at the Village Health Foundation (VHF) a Los Angeles based alternative community acupuncture health clinic. Denise currently manages the VMWC program and has successfully completed a five-year in collaboration with UMMA Community Clinic under the L.A. Department of Mental Health AAA/ISM program. These programs at the VHF are dedicated to making holistic health care modalities available to communities.She is a member of the Executive Board of the Celebration of Education Scholarship Program and previously the program director for ten years for Community Build Youth and Community Center (2000- 2010) where she developed the college preparation and retention program that assisted thousands of families with community resources. Denise is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor for 16 years. She provides instruction through workshops and classes for community members and students ranging from ages 2 to 92.  She served on the board of the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers and was honored as “Trail Blazer of the Year” for 2 consecutive years. She is the Founder and CEO of Your Opportunity For Growth & Awareness (Y.O.G.A.) and has launched her K-YOGO line of Yoga Wear, to bring awareness of Yoga in the Black Community as a lifestyle and a vehicle to self-care. She is presently in collaboration with Ashley Sauls aka The Bible Coach in developing an International Cultural Exchange Program with the integration of a Holistic Mental Health program/component in South Africa.

 whose name means “pleasant to be with”, is an African-American braiding artist practicing the tradition of cornrowing. She is a child born of the red clay of Georgia and transplanted to the land of California sun. As a child, her hands braided flowers, ribbons, paper, yarn and anything that stood still long enough.  She was born into the world of hair; her mother was a professional cosmetologist and there was no escaping “hair” destiny. Her early years were spent in Altadena, CA. While at U.C.L.A she continued to pursue the art of braiding with her mentor Malakia (Rosa Johnson) at Inner City Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Her dormitory room was the salon and sanctuary to many friends and classmates. She graduated from UCLA in 1975. 

Her strong desire to identify, preserve and expand the tradition of braiding fueled her Her work is sculptural feeling the texture of the hair, seeing shapes and following the direction that hair dictates.  Her trademark is small intricate braids, unique designs, thread wraps and beads. Her quest for the balance of and culture continues to manifest in new concepts and creations.  She is here to inspire an appreciation for the art of braiding and natural hair.
Her accomplishments include: Appreciation Hair Show Centinela Park Outdoor Theatre 1980 Inglewood, CA: Archived/Study CAFAM (Craft and Folk Art Museum) 1980, Los Angeles, CA; Smithsonian Institute, Black American Contemporary Braids 1982, Washington, DC; National Braiders Guild, Recognition Award for Creative Educator in the Art of Braiding 1986, Chicago, Illinois; A Summer Wrappsidi 1988, Los Angeles CA; Nappywood Natural Hair and Lifestyle Expo 2014, 2016, Los Angeles, CA; KJLH Women’s Expo 2016 Los Angeles. CA.

Ben Caldwell is the founder of Kaos Productions and a design research project investigating a new role for the local phone booth in preserving and The project is a collaboration between media technologists, academics, local artists, and the cultural businesses of Leimert Park that the question “What does a look like when redesigned for culture?” The booth could trigger video recommendations Wifi in the booth could be activated by the motion of a passerby offering a free download of a pre-release music track by a hot local jazz musician. A quarter in the booth could deliver a map of local merchants who support local artists, and where to buy their art. Treasure hunters could use the map, blending the digital with the physical to build a social connection. If successful, this collaborative project could be a model for how communities around Los Angeles can bridge the physical and digital, bringing social issues and gentrification into public space and still promoting sustainable development.

Ms. Daphne Germaine worked with and families for 15 years as a Children's Social Worker with the Dept. of Children and Family Services. In addition to providing legal services, she also encouraged individuals and families to believe in themselves, and explore latent potential in spite of their current circumstances. Ms. Germaine received a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology/Psychology from UCLA, in 1979.
As  Practitioner License of Metaphysics since she is certified to conduct lectures and teach: workshops, provide meditation to individuals/groups and
She has a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology in 2013, from the University of Santa Monica (USM). Her focus is on the personal and interpersonal development of individuals to nurture the qualities of self-worth, and self-love from a spiritual understanding of who they are and to
Ms. Germaine has:
- A thriving, life coaching and spiritual counseling clientele practice; locally and nationally. She writes spiritual insights for a monthly international circulation, “Inner Vision”, A guide for daily inspiration.
- Underdevelopment - a spiritual blog to connect community for support and feedback.
- Her memoir is slated to be published in 2018, for the purpose of inspiring others to realize, “no life obstacle is insurmountable. With faith and a desire to live a purposeful life, all things are possible.”
Ms. Germaine is an accomplished clothing designer of over 30 years. She has conducted fashion shows and had a photo fashion write-up in the Los Angeles Sentinel, in 2007. She is a personal stylist/coordinator with a celebrity clientele and is in collaboration with other established designers.
Ms. Germaine has combined her training as a Life Coach and Fashion designer to launch a Self Development and Tutoring Program. This approach is to inspire clients to understand the correlation between and their innate self-worth. In addition, an important is proper grooming and imaging.   Ms. Germaine incorporates her skills as a life coach, and writer with her vocation to empower her clients.

Corey Nash is a Youth Social Worker and Community Organizer who began as a service consumer before becoming a service provider in Los  Corey is also the founder of Rap Sessions, a community event that uses Hip-Hop music and group discussions to influence and rebuild the community. Mr. Nash spent a large portion of his youth growing up in Compton California. After graduating from King/Drew Magnet High School in Los Angeles he continued his education by earning a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology Morehouse College and a Master's of Social Work from San Diego State University. Mr. Nash began his career in social work as a psychiatric social worker providing mental health treatment for experiencing mental health issues. Mr. Nash then transitioned into child welfare as a child abuse investigator. Currently, he assists AB-12 eligible youth transition out of foster care and into adulthood. He also spends his weekends assisting the Grassroots organizations of Sylvia Nunn's Angels in Compton and Wisdom From The Field in Los Angeles. Both organizations provide support and services to families in need.
Kelley Settles is an African-American Social Photographer. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  At a very young she always had the gift of sociological imagination having the vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society.  At the age of she picked up her first camera and started to document her peers.  She participated in for the killing of Ron Settles murder at the Signal Hill Police Department. This was the year where she proactively began to capture the essence of human struggle and joy.  Inspired by Carrie Mae Weems, Gordon Parks, PH Polk, and Roy DeCarava, she was marveled with through the lens of a camera on the African American community. As a concerned social photographer with embarked on a mission to extensively document various aspects of human struggle and joy, from relationships, cultural identity, sexism, homeless, and religious beliefs. Kelley says her goal is to and bring social awareness globally to contribute to the preservation of world history and culture. Over the years Kelley has volunteered, working with a wide range of organizations centered on inspiring people in the field of photography and social responsibility on the weekly radio talk show with Team DLW Radio show in Ohio.  Kelley is an advocate for Human Trafficking and Human Rights. She has to Istanbul, Turkey; Brussels, Belgium; France and as well as the majority of the fifty states, to document and educate the struggles and joy of all humans.

Melvin 'Deep Red' Boyce II began his journey as an Advocate for youth excellence in 1996. As a graduate student at the Illinois State University, Melvin taught a career choice class for incoming freshman. These students part of a program that guide youth who came from underserved college families. This is where Melvin found his passion in educating youth. While attending college He began performing spoken word and encouraging his students to use their journals as healing tools. Melvin moved to Los Angeles in 1996. For 8 years Melvin in The entertainment industry with his family. toured every major arena in the country with his spoken word in 2001. His eyes opened to youth across the country who had no emotional outlet for their inner frustration for their environmental conditions. 2004 Melvin returned back to his passion, educating youth at the Los Angeles Bridges gang prevention program at Audubon Middle school, the People Who Care Youth center and Operation Read, an amazing program that helped previously incarcerated youth who between the ages of 13-18 and read at a 3rd grade it below level. Many of the students in the program had issues communicating with their words so Melvin would teach them some yoga poses to bring calm to the room. This is where Melvin found the healing powers of yoga for youth. At that moment Melvin decided to become trained to teach Yoga to youth and adults. For the last Melvin has used the combination of spoken word and yoga to guide youth to where they can share their story from a balanced place. For the last Melvin has taught at Amazing Grace Conservatory where Young theater actors use the power of their poetry to heal and entertain. Presently Melvin is teaching yoga in 7 LAUSD schools a be one private school. He has had the honor of just completing his first year as the yoga instructor for Walter Brown counseling services.

Sherrie Ross is the facility social worker for Little Peoples World group home in Compton, Ca, Assistant Director of The Village Mindful Wellness Counseling in Los Angeles and founder of F.L.Y. Girlz (Fearlessly Living Your Life) Coaching Services life coaching company for women. Born in Inglewood Ca, Sherrie Ross completed high school at Bellflower High School with honors and then attended California State University, Chico. During she served as the President of Black Student Alliance working to organize events such as the Black Consciousness Conference. Sherrie later completed her studies at California State University, Long Beach where she continued activism focused on women's issues, organizing events such as the Women in Prison Conference held on campus. After graduating with a Master's Degree in social work, Sherrie has worked with diverse populations including the elderly, children and severely mentally ill adults. Sherrie is trained in many and practices such anger management, play and crisis intervention. A mother of two and currently Sherrie has a passion for community mental health and social justice.

Misty Powell is an international Yoga teacher whose deep passion for yoga infuses every aspect of her life. She currently leads yoga classes in Los Angeles, California at Yvonne B Burke Senior & Community Center, Department of Children and Family Services, Kinetic Studio, as well as the Center for Spiritual Living. Misty also works closely with youth through Los Angeles Unified School District, while also maintaining private and individual group therapy. In addition to being certified in Kundalini, and Kemetic Yoga, Misty is also skilled in the area of West African dance and enjoys facilitating classes focusing on the healing energies of dance. She also offers sound bowl healing sessions for groups and individuals. Her teachings are full of love, joy, compassion, and an authentic desire to help students connect to their own limitless potential. Misty heals, teaches, presents, and host retreats. She believes that true healing includes the whole being, which includes the mind, body, and soul. Having received training and education with some of the best master teachers around the world, Misty is passionate about wellness, spirituality, community, traveling, yoga dance, and teaching various specialized workshops around the world with diverse cultural backgrounds. Misty is honored to share the wealth of healing traditions and encourage people to experience their infinite potential. She is on a quest to empower others to discover a greater awareness and clearer perspective in their everyday lives.  

Khubaka, Michael Harris is a native of Sacramento, California.  He serves as Chair, of the California Black Agriculture Working, a statewide multidisciplinary collaborative providing tangible action plans to increase the number and participation by urban and rural agriculture producers of African ancestry in the #1 Agriculture industries in the world. For over 15 years, Mr. Harris served as the Development Director, California Black Farmers and Agriculturalist Association and for 5 years as a member of the USDA/ Organization Partners Team. In 2004-2008 he served as the Urban Agriculture representative on the Food and Farm Policy Diversity Initiative Team, highlighting successful outcomes during negotiations leading up the creation of the 2008 Food, and Energy Act. Pigford II class action claimants, those who suffered under past racial discrimination by the USDA employees and policies, received nearly a billion dollars in of financial payments and priority assistance meant to partially offset major losses by Black Farmers in America. He is currently the Project Manager for Carson Creek and Agriculture Center. The Africa/USA International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, California Black Chamber of Commerce and additional collaborative partners will collaborate with him to develop the Carson Creek Ranch, and Agriculture Center into a facility that expands job creation, technical education, career advancement and economic development between California and the Pan African Diaspora

Jeanne F. King MA, LMFT is known for her work with women of color and their many life transitions in the community for many years.   She has devoted much of her career as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist to encouraging and supporting women of color to find their “way out of no way” in a world that has not found a need to make it easy for them. Using modalities including the arts, history, sometimes, even planned experienced that have made major shifts that changed their lives forever.  Ms. King began her professional career by wanting to eradicate the many things that plagued the black community. Her specialties became child abuse, treating victims, substance abuse, and family dysfunction for many years. Ms. King believes that multidimensional Holistic methods are required for the treatment of people who are multidimensional. During she has taught parenting skills, worked with teenagers in order to build healthy self-images and to build healthy boundaries that reduced the behavior that contributed to this environment. Ms. King coordinated an OCAP program that was designed to work with boys between the ages of 10 to 14 years old who lived in with no She conducted individual and group therapy for the boy their family members. She also introduced them to cultural artistic and social experiences.   A graduate of Antioch University with a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1987 and licensed in May of 1989 as a Marriage, Family, Child Counselor. 

Copeland Richards, originally from Far Rockaway, New York, is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and a licensed Neuromuscular Massage Specialist and Community Organizer. Copeland enriches the lives of others through loving guidance and altruism. He is an advocate for mental wellness, holistic healing, providing opportunities for others to utilize their unique greatness and building with fellow organizers to create more spaces for wellness services in the community. As a massage therapist, he teaches how the conditions of the physical body have direct effects on one's mental and spiritual well-being. 

As an educator, music artist, and philanthropist born in Washington, D.C., Lemond aka IMAG continues to give consistently to those in need. After graduating with BAS Architectural Engineering from Drexel University in 2012, Lemond returned to Washington, D.C. and founded the Swaliga Foundation with the mission of inspiring young people to find their true passion.Recently featured on TEDxMidatlantic, Lemond has become a pioneer in the field of education. For the past year, Lemond IMAG has been piloting this groundbreaking new program known as #STEAMtheBlock (#STB) in the DC(Ward 7&8), Maryland, and Virginia area, at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW).With over 15 years of experience in music, IMAG continues to use his passion for the arts to inspire young people around the world. Prior to releasing his debut album the Melanin King Project (2015), IMAG began creating educational songs to strengthen the program’s curricula. The Swaliga Foundation has partnered with many artists, schools, and businesses to bring these opportunities to the young people who need them most. the #STEAMtheBlock program is preparing to take a group of select students and teaching artists from Washington, DC to South Africa to work with community leaders and young people on engineering service learning projects near Cape Town.

Poet Laureate Alyce Smith Cooper, also known as the Golden Brown Fairy Godmother, has long been an arts advocate. She is a woman of many talents. As a poet, storyteller, actress and TV talk show host she has often been found promoting issues of compassion and inclusion. These actions fit in well with her roles of Registered Nurse, Ordained Minister and finally garnered her inclusion into the Women's Museum of San Diego Hall of Fame. she sits on the PLC of the LaJolla Playhouse, is employed by a local Home Health Agency, and is an associate minister at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. In 2015 Alyce along with Dr. Judy Sundayo and Jamie Victoria published The Gumbo Pot Poems by The Golden Brown Fairy Godmother and Friends at Create Space of Amazon.Com. is currently being enjoyed by many and used as local colleges. She has also used her healing gifts in the of group therapy using Psychodrama as her healing modality

Dr. Shani Byard is a Los Angeles native, professor, champion for equity and toddler mommy who specializes in educational leadership, healthcare workforce development and digital citizenship for social and racial justice. She is also the owner of Message Media Education (MME), the only Afro-Media Literacy professional development training company in the nation. are designed to equip participants with the tools to counter the influence of racial media stereotypes and create social change using social media. Dr. Shani's learning environments infuse lessons in implicit bias, media analysis, cultural awareness, digital citizenship, visionary leadership, compassionate communication and social media for social change, to support systemic movements including education equity, food justice, community policing, youth empowerment, cultural family psychology and patient-centered healthcare. Dr. Shani's clients include youth, families, and staff from K-12 schools, non-profit organizations, community colleges, universities, grassroots alliances, workers, and clinicians. Dr. Shani considers raised on old soul and classic jazz. She learned to meditate and play the violin at the age of and is a proud vegan.

Itibari M. Zulu, Sr. is the editor of the online open access multi-lingual trans-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal titled Journal of Pan African Studies (, created in 1987 and launched online in 2006, it has over a million electronic visitors per year. He is a former Ph.D. student at the Union Institute & University (Cincinnati, Ohio) in Ethical & Creative Leadership (2007-2011), he holds a Th.D. from Amen-Ra Theological Seminary (Los Angeles, California), a M.L.S. from San José State University in Library and Information Science (San José, California), a B.A. from California State University, East Bay in African American Studies (Hayward, California), and an A.A. from Merritt College in African American Studies (Oakland, California). He is the founder of the California Africology Association, a life member of the National Council for Black Studies, vice president of The African Diaspora Foundation (, director of the California Institute of Pan African Studies, and the former head librarian at the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA (1992-2006). He is of Exploring the African Centered Paradigm: Discourse and Innovation in African WorldCommunity Studies (1999), editor of Authentic Voices: Quotations and Axioms from the African World Community (2002). His most recent articles are “Scholarly Journals in Africology: An Introductory Descriptive Review” (vol.10, no.3, May 2017, pp.8-61) and “Synergizing Culture: African American Cultural Recovery through African Name Acquisition and Usage” (vol.10, no.5, July 2017, pp.128-154) in Africology:The Journal of Pan African Studies. His travels include Africa (five nations), Europe (four nations, most recently France), and multiple locations in North America. He has spoken at Cornell University, Temple University, Howard University, the University of Maryland at College Park, New York City College of the University of New York, CSU San Marcos, El Camino Community College, Antelope Valley College, West Hills Community College, Fresno City College, UC Irvine, CSU Fresno, CSU Northridge, University of Ivory Coast (Abidjan, Ivory Coast), UCLA, University of Southern California, and at other colleges and universities. His most recent public presentation was May 20, at the Association of Pan African Scholars annual scientific retreat at the Claremont Colleges in Claremont, California. 

Khalifa Maat Bey is President and COO of South Los Angeles Logistics, a company that integrates and manages logistics services for small to businesses that import or export products globally.   The Company’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of goods and services between the U.S., Africa, Latin America, and the bilateral trade and investment. Her passion for developing bilateral trade with the Diaspora has lead her to establish the International Trade Business Incubator (ITBI), that promotes and support the purposes of SOLAL and the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that offers tangible incentives and opportunities for Diaspora and African-American businesses to establish mutually beneficial business relationships in international trade & commerce.  ITBI will assist in the creation of businesses and jobs that support the International Trade Sector by designing and implementing bilateral trade programs that help U.S. firms locate and establish working relationships with businesses, manufacturers, import/export trading companies, distributors and investors throughout Africa and the Caribbean. 
Ms. Bey’s 35 years administrative experience managing detailed coordination of complex operations involving many people, facilities and suppliers, her knowledge of  navigating federal, state and local court jurisdictions, while organizing the flow of documentation from origin to disposition, has given her the foundation, skills and expertise to lead her company in the  global economy.  Today, she uses that same knowledge as a business planning for the management of materials, services, information and capital flows.Prior to SOLAL, Ms. Bey was Managing Partner of O’Day & Sons LLC, a company, specializing in developing logistics strategies and services for consumers and start-ups. Ms. Bey received her Certification in Advanced Exports from the District Export Council of Southern California, Export University; (MSSC) Certified as a Material Handling Specialist and Global Logistics Technician; she received her Certification in Leadership in Global Logistics at East Los Angeles College.

JEWEL THAIS-WILLIAMS – The fifth of seven children, was born in Gary, Indiana, on May 9, 1939. Her family, originally from Arkansas, relocated to San Diego in 1943. There, she attended Grammar, Jr. High, and high school. Actively involved in the community, her energy was directed to politics, and many and church activities. In 1957, having completed high school, she moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. Due to financial difficulties in 1958, she was forced to terminate her status as a full-time student. Jewel worked during the day, and whenever her various jobs would allow her the opportunity, she attended school at night. Her jobs were many, during this period; ranging from being a housekeeper to a deputy sheriff, for all of two months. In 1970, led by her entrepreneur spirit, she opened a ladies clothing boutique. She was now in a position to set her own work schedule. Jewel returned to UCLA and graduated with a BA degree in 1971.

Wazhma Jamiat and Leland Rubin run a successful Partnership in WFG. Their business has expanded into multiple different offices. They are ranked as the top #4 agents for the State of California. They both have achieved an income of over $250,000.00 and are on their way to $500,000 in WFG. They are highly focused on helping many families throughout the nation.  Mr. Rubin holds degrees in Finance and HR from Golden Gate University. He has 8 years of experience in the Financial Industry. He also is one of the Ministers at Bethel Community Church in Fairfield, CA. He earns a multiple 6 figure income with WFG. He loves that WFG provides the best platform for all types of professionals to come in and to become successful. Ms. Jamiat has an Engineering and Economics degree from UC Davis. She has over 10 years experience in the Corporate  Banking and Mortgage industry. She has earned a 6 figure income in WFG. She also loves the business because there is no glass ceiling for women in business.

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