Pan African Trade Conference - CONFERENCE NEWSLETTER
 2018 Conference Theme:
A 20th Anniversary Reexamination of Amos Wilson's Blueprint for Black Power

The Annual Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference is designed to establish a U.S. based public/private coalition to develop and implement policies and strategies for multilateral economic development and foreign direct investment in the African continent and the Pan African Diaspora. Our focus and theme for 2018  A Global Pan African Economic Vision for Black America: A Twentieth Anniversary Reexamination of Amos Wilson's Blueprint for Black Power.

Dr. Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political and Economic Imperative for the 21 Century represents a pivotal watershed in the economic maturation and transformation of Black America from a financially impoverished and underdeveloped social collective to a 
community within the United States that flourishes as a self-defining, cultural and economic bloc with tremendous global economic power and influence.  The Blueprint for Black Power first published in 1998, provides an exhaustive, meticulously researched, 900-page, handbook and economic empowerment treatise for Black America to forge in alignment with its African and Caribbean counterparts a new economic vision for the 21 century.  Twenty years later in the Pan African Global Trade & Investment Conference (PAGTIC) is convening an international conference for scholars, researchers, business innovators, entrepreneurs, financiers, civic and religious leaders to revisit and revitalize the insights, policy recommendations and economic urgencies of this prescient work.  The Blueprint for Black Power is not simply a theoretical approach to economic development, but a radically pragmatic tool that provides concrete methods for amassing true economic power. 

For more information contact: 
Al Washington, the Executive Director
Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce 

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