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Jasper Bhaumick



My Story

Jasper is co-founder and currently the CEO of bizpando AG and UMa Soft GmbH in Switzerland. He is also co-founder of 3Txpert GmbH.


Jasper studied economics at the University of Bremen and graduated with his master thesis “Planning of agricultural projects using the example of the cultivation of lupins in Africa”. After working as an IT Consultant and later 12 years as CIO in the defense, renewable energy and health care sectors, he found his way back to Africa via the topic Corporate Accountability on Human Rights.


For several years, Jasper has been involved in the ongoing international discussion about supply chain compliance, with a focus on Germany. The debate about whether Corporate Accountability on Human Rights should be enshrined in law, and the additional effort required of companies, prompted Jasper and his team to get involved. The result was the development of bizpando, the B2B platform for supply chain compliance.


The Corona Pandemic initiated a new way of thinking about global supply chains. Diversification of supply and a better partnership with suppliers became key topics.


Jasper sees both topics as a perfect opportunity for Africa. Not only is the realignment of supply chains critical, but so is the focus on human rights. With bizpando, he supports this, and with it, a strengthening of the African middle class. This will not only be a big step in corporate responsibility, but also for the European commitment to positive impact in Africa and the African Union’s Agenda 2063. Given the close proximity between Europe and Africa, it is in Europe’s interest to play a key role in this transformation. But the U.S. also has an interest in strengthening Africa without becoming further dependent on China and Russia.


Jasper also highlights the joint U.S. and EU engagement in the Global Gateway Initiative, which also underlines Africa’s importance for both markets. All opportunities for Africa are also opportunities for the U.S. and the EU.

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