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Cybernetician – A Digital Future Evangelist
Director Logosworld 50 Experts Germany

My Story

Axel Angeli is an enterprise board level mentor and international conference speaker who travels the world to teach Evolution by Design and Artificial Intelligence. Known for his skills in rescuing failing IT projects and being a guru for SAP enterprise software he now engages in research, education, and implementation of the Industries 4.0 design paradigm. His focus is on emerging countries with the aim to build holistic Zero Waste ecosystems for Smart Living, Wildlife and Agriculture 4.0 by means of sustainable education. With his world-wide network he helps many organizations and enterprises in India and Africa to find right cooperation and technology partners between India, Africa, and Europe. His current ongoing projects are GEM -German Education Media, an incubator and publishing house to provide education media based on Artificial Intelligence for technology education and Woven Africa – an initiative to help the young people and small farmers in Africa to use technology in Agriculture 4.0 and environment.

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