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Imari Oliver

Founder and CEO, Bond and Play

Business Development, Media, and Technology in New York City, New York USA

My Story

Imari Oliver

Founder + CEO Bond & Play

Imari is a dynamic visionary who with a bias towards action. The possibilities of a new digital era, unencumbered by the constraints of traditional systems, excites him. 


Leveraging his extensive expertise in business, technology, strategy, and culture, Imari designs and builds platforms, products and media ecosystems and digital tools that support a vision of a decentralized and inclusive economy where everyone benefits.


With 20+ years of experience in advertising, production, marketing, and sales across both B2C and B2B roles, Imari is a seasoned professional with a keen ability to identify market shifting trends and connect them with high-value business growth opportunities. In addition, as a proponent of systems thinking, he has a track record of success in driving business results.


Imari is the mastermind behind the upcoming  Bond & Play Smart City ( which he plans on launching in 2026.  It is designed to become a sustainable economic growth engine for Black and other underrepresented communities around the world and serve as opportunity accelerants and on-ramps to the Web 3, Blockchain, Data, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) led economy.


Before launching Bond & Play, Imari established himself as a global creative, strategic, and cognitive thinker and producer at companies such as 

  • Endeavor (formerly WME | IMG), Sales and Global Partnerships for Esports; 

  • Sparks & Honey, Creative, Foresight, and Cultural Strategy; and 

  • Dentsu/McGarry Bowen, Innovation & Product Development. 


Fun Fact: Imari attended Samurai school in Kyoto, Japan, adding to his diverse and unique life experiences.


Topic: Culture & Trends Driving Connections and Commerce Across the Diaspora

Description: A briefing and analysis on global trends that are unlocking the power of culture, technology & community to build connections and networks across the Diaspora and drive economic growth.

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