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Yvonne Muinde

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. As the Co-founder of IKWETA ARTS, I look to share my experiences and knowledge from my work at the best Post production (VFX) studios around the globe. My Visual Effects career has
spanned over twenty years working on numerous iconic and award winning, ground breaking film productions.

My origin story is that of a fine artist, muralist and illustrator.

Website: http//

My Story

Yvonne Muinde is a fine artist and digital painter who has been living and working in Canada and is now relocated and based in Nairobi.

Originally from Nairobi Kenya, Yvonne has been fortunate to have lots of great experiences when she lived in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and now Canada. All these experiences have helped forge her in to the person and artist she is.

​Her educational background is in Fine arts studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design and then the Academy of Art college in San Francisco. Life and work have helped expand on that education, she started producing art work for shows and galleries in the San Francisco bay as well as shows in New Zealand. As well as being a muralist both for commercial murals and public art projects, she is a award wining digital matte painter in the film industry. One of Yvonne’s proudest moments was when she was awarded the mural commission for the Blair Caldwell African American Museum and Library in the city of Denver. Her pieces have been collected by several collectors and two of her sold pieces are in a group collection ‘The Chemistry of Color’ which is housed at the Philadelphia Fine Art Gallery.

​Several years ago Yvonne transitioned into digital matte paintings working for world renowned Academy award winning directors on several high profile movies. In 2009 she, with her coworkers, were awarded the Visual Effects Society award for Matte painting for their work on Avatar.

Oil Painting is Yvonne’s passion, even though she has been fortunate to transition into several other aspects of image creation. Yvonne believes all visual art forms share a common purpose to evoke an emotion in the viewer that will challenge their thinking and how the viewer observes the world. Learning and mastering several mediums only helps this visual language and helps Yvonne identify what aspects of all these mediums she can bring back into her fine Art. Having taken a few years off for the most treasured experience of them all becoming mum, Yvonne has started working on a new series of oil paintings that she cannot wait to share with you, through motherhood she has learned to look at the world in a brand new way still striving to paint moving and thought evoking pieces. Stay Tuned!

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