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Velda Goe

Owner of Fayeth Gardens






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Velda Goe

My Story

Velda Goe, owner of Fayeth Gardens; a private, 20-acre retreat in Calaveras Gold Country, has over of 40 years of experience including working with local, federal government and community-based programs as a Project Manager for the construction and rehabilitation of multi-million dollar commercial and housing development projects; including but not limited to, theate complex; sports arena; underground utility rehab; hospital; hotels; multi-use retail and multi-family housing complexes, large government-owned multi-family affordable housing complexes, as well as privately held residential and hospitality projects.  


She holds degrees in Construction Management, Film and a Masters in Education - specializing in Training Systems Development from San Francisco State University; with additional coursework completed from Cal State University Los Angeles and Loyola Marymount University.


She has purchased, renovated and rented multiple single family residential homes in the Bay Area and beyond; founded and led her own community-based organization, New Life Skills Center, which conducted personal and cross-cultural development programs in over 32 Oakland Unified School District learning institutions, as well as at various community organizations throughout the Bay Area.


Earlier in her career, Ms. Goe served as a news cameraperson at ABC-KGO-TV Channel 7; taught Media and Digital Communications at the Community College level in Oakland and San Francisco and produced independent videos for a variety of organizations, public service programs and film competition screenings.

Now, as an early retiree, Ms. Goe is devoting her time to developing Fayeth Gardens to be a locus to utilize all her life experiences and provide a conducive setting for progressive creatives to forge pathways and opportunities that improve conditions for all fellow travellers in this Journey of Life; our beloved Planet Earth and for all the lifeforms that inhabit it.

One of her most recent projects is working with the City of Hayward, California to host their first community wide Earth Day Celebration in City Hall. The event will feature Denis Muthoni, a fellow guest speaker for the Pan-African 11th Annual Global Trade and Investment Conference. 


The event will serve as a focussing lens on the dire urgency to address the debilitating effects of climate change on the Earth's water, food supply, lifeforms and ecosystems.


The theme, "Love the Earth - We are All in this Together!" is to encourage trans-global partnerships and technological exchanges to spawn solutions at their respective local levels; which, collectively, can have global applications.


Our motto: "Start Small - Aim High", is paramount to illuminate the fact that individual choices are important and as a whole; do have a global impact.  


It is in this Spirit that Fayeth Gardens invites you to contact us; with your ideas, your proposals and your creative energies to join us in the movement to save ourselves by saving our planet. 

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