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Dr. Michael Paulus

Michael Paulus, PhD, DBA, CSM

President and Managing Consultant

Phone: (678) 230-2598

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My Story

Board Advisor – Dr. Michael Paulus’ areas of expertise is strategic business innovation and management. He comes to the consulting firm Level VI Strategies – a firm created to develop business and strategic success for new and operating businesses, where he has served as President and Managing Principal since 2013.  His portfolio included managing large projects with assets and capital oversight exceeding $110 billion. In this capacity, his vertical markets included agriculture, apparel, automotive, high-value, food and beverage services, temperature-controlled storage, logistics, aerospace, military, government, political campaign strategy as well as travel and tourism.


Prior to this, he held leadership positions in corporate enterprise and business circles that spanned over thirty years –twenty-five of those years in global companies including American Express and International Paper. 


Michael has been credited with productivity and business performance improvement and business process standardization at the regional and enterprise levels.  Over his career, he has been awarded Certificates of Appreciation, Certificates of Excellence, and Star Performance awards.


In his latest initiative, Michael has created a scalable joint venture strategy between new technologies and HBCU’s that will strengthen, not only America’s ability to compete on a global scale but will place the country on a pathway to claim its standing as the world’s leading hub for innovation in critical emerging technologies. The multi-billion dollar initiative will create at least 16 new industries, over 25, 000 new entrepreneurs and more than 200,000 high-paying jobs to address issues that are essential to our country's survival including food insecurity, infrastructure, climate change, education, labor, renewable energy, transportation, agriculture, commerce, and economic development.


Michael has a doctoral degree from William H. Taft University, holds a master’s degree in Information Systems Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from American InterContinental University.




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