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Elgin Edwards

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Access Funding Partners

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My Story

Elgin Edwards is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Access Funding Partners, a business credit building and loan brokerage company that helps business owners access the capital markets to fund or grow their companies.


He brings his clients more than five years of experience in the credit building and lending industries.


As the CEO, he provides leadership and strategic direction for the business, creates, implements, and executes the company's vision and mission, and ensures the corporate brand's financial success and public acceptance.


Elgin has created a systematic, step-by-step program that helps Entrepreneurs structure their business with all the essential characteristics necessary for lender approval of their credit applications. His innovative approach is an industry-leading example of effectively building business credit fast.


The credit building process perfected by Elgin at Access Funding Partners is highly successful at securing business loans and credit lines with excellent terms for business owners, even if they've been told "No" at their bank. He frequently gets clients approved whether they're a startup, has credit issues, or have no collateral.


Elgin's dream is to open the capital markets to all business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, of all genders and ethnicities, with or without qualified collateralized assets. He also wants to assist Entrepreneurs who may not currently need funding but want to build their business credit history to qualify for loans, grants, and government contracts in the future.


Before launching Access Funding Partners in 2019, Elgin was a serial Entrepreneur for most of his adult life. Like all small business owners, he had difficulties obtaining capital to start and operate his various companies. After years of struggle, he realized that the funding stumbling block facing hard-working Entrepreneurs had to be solved, especially in underserved, predominantly minority communities.


Elgin is a passionate advocate for focusing an economic empowerment lens on every aspect of the financing industry to ensure that they're doing right by consumers in the communities they serve. With less than two percent of the nation's $69 trillion of available funding in the hands of black entrepreneurs, Elgin made it his mission to provide as much access to capital for minorities as possible. And he'll accomplish that goal one client, one business, one loan at a time, and create systemic change within the industry.


By partnering with community leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials, Elgin intends to expand access to much-needed funding for black-owned entities to help them develop and grow their business footprint.


Elgin Edwards was born in Long Branch,NJ and moved to Atlanta, GA at age 5. He's available for business credit consultations of any complexity, and you can contact him through his website at

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