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Gaylon Rodgers


Green City Development Group

2926 Orr Drive

East Point, GA 30344


“New Urbanism and Smart Growth The Green-City Project”

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My Story

Mr. Gaylon Rogers is currently the Chairman of The Green City Development Group (GCDG), of Atlanta, GA since 2007. Earlier in his career, he held positions such as CEO & Founder of the construction company GRV Contractors (1985-2005), and the Community Housing Development (1993-2007), Lead Instructor for the National Home Builder Institute (2011-2021), and has been an Independent Consultant for over 25 years to the city of Atlanta. These positions allowed him to serve as a member of federal, state and city-wide task groups and think tanks, which focused on economic development initiatives. He was a large contributor to initiatives that provided the footprint and led to the establishment of federal interagency groups focused on economic development, created under the Obama Administration. Mr. Rogers began his career serving this country as a member of the United States Air Force, which plays a big role in his desires to pour resources back into moving the community forward.


Mr. Rogers established The Green City Development Group (GCDG) through partnerships with other local business owners, ( The What’s Positive Movement, 360 Recycling, Roy Jo-Co and others to address the common goal principles of “New Urbanism and Smart Growth” through their established Green City Project. One aspect of the Green City Project promotes and embraces concepts focused on addressing, planning, implementation and management of all the key elements to target comprehensive revitalization by building sustainable economic communities throughout the country. GCDG is focused on building systems that meet the needs of our Veterans, by maximizing on the opportunity to develop progressive, pro-active sustainable communities for this targeted audience. Its approach is to partner with stakeholders to address some of the most critical issues confronting the challenges this target audience, as well as others, continuously struggle to overcome.


Finally, Mr. Rogers’ passion to build sustainable communities, primarily formulated as a result of his son’s struggling with Asthma during his youth. As a concerned father and caretaker, he identified that the primary cause for his son’s condition stemmed from the materials and products used inside and around the home. Therefore, he set forth on building a home which embodied the essential qualifications for what is now termed sustainable development goals. Mr. Rogers desire to improve the well-being of his family, was quickly embraced, and has led to a successful career in moving the community forward through construction and economic development, for well over three decades. He continues to focus on working with organizations and individuals that are equally committed to the mission.

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