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Mansa Musa


The Global Trading Network

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My Story

Mr. Musa was in the US Marine Corp for 6 years. He achieved the rank of Corporal and was given an Honorable Discharge. He was a member of the Pacific Northwest Chamber of Commerce for 17 years and is currently the Ambassador to the African Union & West African Representative for the Africa USA Chamber of commerce based in Los Angeles. He was a former power broker for BT FARWEST running all Washington accounts.


He has 15 years of experience in B2B sales. Mr. Musa obtained 25 years of global import / export experience through several companies including our current companies the Global Trading Network & Ufumbuzi The Solutions Group, Bear Holding Group, E Squared International, Imports & Things, UZURI International Imports/Africa Mamma, and E Trading Network. He has owned and operated 5 retail stores that sold imports from African and Asia. He has had a rough diamond license in Botswana and currently has one in Sierra Leone. He also obtained a 5-year contract from an African diamond supplier headquartered in Australia. Mr. Musa has exported diamonds from Tanzania, Botswana, Angola, Liberia and Sierra Leone for private buyers.


Mr. Musa is responsible for The Global Trading Networks and Ufumbuzi The Solutions Group Inc.’s African operations.

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