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Desalegn Mesele Fetene

CEO and Founder | Numondo Trading PLC | Co-Founder, Pyramid Exchange Global Trading

President/Founder, NuMondo Tours | President/Co-Founder, Pyramid Exchange Global Trading

Desalegn “Desu” Mesele Fetene is currently the president and founder of Numondo Trading PLC based in East Africa Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Numondo Trading plc was established over 10 years ago, with a focus on Tour and Travel, Ethiopian coffee exports, global business consulting, International Trading and Events Shows all over the world.

Desu has been in the business of International Trading for over 10 years.  He has 9 years of experience in B2B sales and obtained 7 years global import and export experience through his company called Numondo Trading PLC.


Numondo Trading is the ultimate guide to the world's creative neighborhoods through NuMondo tour and travel. We are passionate about sharing quality and origin Ethiopian coffee through NuMondo coffee which is why we created Numondo coffee with a strong passion for event management and curation.


Desu was host tradeshows in the following locations around the world:

·       2017 and 2018 in Belgium,

·       2020 in Djibouti

·       and 2021, 2022 and 2023 in USA and Canada.


Desu has been working the past 20 years promoting tourism in Ethiopia to markets like Europe, North America, China and all over the globe.


He has now joined forces with U.S. based companies, Iron Currency Solutions and Sankofa Global Trading to launch Pyramid Exchange Global Trading.

The Pyramid Exchange Global Trading has established a Global Business Center that will focus on


·       Infrastructure projects,

·       Tourism,

·       Moving and living in Africa,

·       B2B matchmaking, International Trade,

·       International Business Consulting

·       and Television/Film/Media programs.


At our world class Pyramid Exchange Trade Shows, there will be opportunities for import and export of merchandise from around the world, renewable energy programs, moving and working abroad in Africa and a dynamic Humanitarian program.

Desu is Graduated in Tourism management from the\ CTTI in Tourism University. He is husband to Rutan and father of three children.


'+251911245986 / +251940415555

Desalegn Mesele Fetene
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