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Queen Mother Nina Womack

CEO of One World Food Hub

Queen Mother Nina Womack is a Los Angeles native and crowned "Development Queen" in Ghana, West Africa, a royal leadership role charged with community development and community well-being. The creative humanitarian, actress, and social impact multi-preneur is a 30 year veteran in producing African-centered, cultural events, theatrical productions, and multimedia. 

Committed to dismantling systemic barriers, Queen Nina established "Let's Be Whole," a respected public health organization that provides holistic wellness, mental health support, and "food as medicine" initiatives for under-resourced communities. Through its impactful efforts, the charity recovers thousands of pounds of food annually, ensuring nutritious groceries for over 80,000 households while also addressing the pressing issue of food waste. The organization's dedication to combating hunger has earned recognition from the City, County, and State of California. Currently, "Let's Be Whole" is expanding its brand and services to communities in Africa, striving to create a positive impact on a global scale.

As CEO of One World Food Hub, a multinational agricultural collective registered in Nigeria, Uganda and the United States, Queen Mother Nina aims to create food sovereignty for Afro descendants through agricultural trade. With over 250,000 small-scale, African farmers in its network, the hub empowers and supports them to achieve this goal. Additionally, as the Chairwoman of the California chapter of the National Women in Agriculture Association and through Queen’s work with community gardens, urban farms, and involvement as a committee member of L.A.’s Food Policy Council, her mission is to build a sustainable food system rooted in Africa that not only nourishes people globally but also eradicates food insecurity.

Queen Nina serves as the Co-chair for the "Black and African Heritage Subcommittee" within the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. She also holds executive leadership roles in various African organizations, including; Global Director of Humanitarian Services for African Diaspora Union, Director of Women's Affairs for One Map Africa, Global President of the African Youth in Tourism Network, and Ambassador at Heritage Liberia. Her commitment to social impact underscores her unwavering dedication to the socioeconomic advancement of Africans and the African diaspora worldwide.

Queen Mother Nina Womack
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