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Barbara Sharpe

Rebel Gardens

Barbara is a visionary leader with a remarkable journey from Silicon Valley's fast-paced world of tech compliance to the forefront of the booming hemp industry. With a passion for innovation, sustainability, and a deep commitment to wellness, Barbara has carved out a unique path that bridges the gap between two seemingly disparate worlds.

As a Compliance Manager in Silicon Valley, Barbara honed her skills in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and ensuring that companies adhered to ever-evolving legal frameworks. This experience provided a strong foundation for her transition into the hemp industry, where regulatory compliance is equally critical, but the focus shifts towards harnessing the potential of nature to improve lives.

In 2020, Barbara took the bold step of founding Rebel Garden’s, a boldly defiant hemp company dedicated to producing high-quality, sustainable hemp products, intending to provide an alternative to big pharma’s drug monopoly. With her husband, Michael, and two sons in tow, the company has become a successful family effort.

Rebel Garden’s stands out for its commitment to sustainable farming practices, ethical sourcing, and cutting-edge research in hemp cultivation and product development. As CEO, Barbara firmly believes in the potential of hemp to revolutionize industries ranging from wellness and healthcare to textiles and construction materials. Her vision extends beyond profit; it encompasses a greener, healthier society.

Outside of the corporate sector, Barbara is a passionate advocate for hemp education and awareness. She works closely with the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus to bring support to Black farmers and has joined, Agriunity, a cohort of Black farmers in South Georgia. She has been a featured speaker at industry conferences and has contributed articles to publications focused on hemp's potential to transform economies and improve the wellness industry.

Her journey from Silicon Valley to being a hemp CEO embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptability. Her mission is to not only lead Rebel Gardens to new heights but also to drive positive change in the hemp industry and inspire others to explore unconventional paths toward health and wellness.

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Barbara Sharpe
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