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 Mission and Vision

The African Textile Museum (ATMuseum ) is dedicated to revealing ‘fashion’ as one of civilization’s oldest art forms and that many of the techniques employed in today's worldwide fashion industry originated in Africa. Preserving the creative processes, presenting, and sharing the knowledge as widely as possible and building on that cultural history as we move boldly into the future is the mission.

Our vision includes the return of quality craftsmanship to the status it once held in society and to maintain that respect while embracing a new generation of creatives, Sustainability programs, innovative tools, technologies, and approaches from agriculture to production to merchandising.

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The museum programs will be designed to ignite the interest of Africans, African Americans, and Diaspora Africans in participating in the Garment and Textile Trades and exciting consumers to explore our fashion and lifestyle productions. We will conduct our programs by facilitating channels of communication, collaboration, education, inspiration, and financial exchange. ATMuseum will explore combining human ingenuity and skills with current and future technology tools to propel the creatives to higher levels of achievement across all channels. The ATMuseum programs will strive to strengthen and raise the platform for the presentation of African-inspired design on the world’s stages.

ATMuseum will provide education and business development support services to primarily African and African Diaspora populations in the Textile and Fashion industries. ATM employs communications technology as its primary information and service delivery channel. ATM’s array of Internet-based services will assist small providers in reaching national and international consumer and industry markets, improving the knowledge base and capability of industry workers, and training those in underserved communities for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the target industries.


ATMuseum will also serve the needs of consumers of textile and fashion products by facilitating access to designers, textile creators and culture creatives African Diaspora-wide.

ATMuseum will serve the production and the consumer communities through a framework of currently available and future communications where sustainability is a large part of the conversation influence by technology and software tools.


ATM will work to facilitate a blending between science and African textiles where there is the hope to save lives and preserve the health of our planet’s climate.





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