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Growing Business and Trade in Africa

African Investment 101

More than lions, tigers and giraffes, Africa presents a unique opportunity for growth and expansion in business and trade.

  • Five of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world

  • Fastest growing populations in the world

  • African’s account for one-quarter of humanity, and at least one-third of all young people aged 15 to 24

  • Africa’s economy is fuel by small companies that want to do business with US based minority owned companies


Join us to explore potential business partnerships and investment opportunities to increase trade between the 54 countries of Africa, the City of Los Angeles and the Port of Los Angeles.

African Investment Interest

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Investor Hub | Ghana

Investor Hub is a consulting firm for Investors who want to invest in various sectors in Africa as well as Africans who are looking for investors. It was therefore created to bridge the gap between Investors and people who need investments in their various Businesses or Projects be they Government or Private.



KZELLE is our interactive marketplace platform (business matchmaking platform). It connects Micro, Small & Mid-sized enterprises (MSMEs) along the value chain to utilize surplus resources and move resources to where they are needed.

VentureLift Africa.png

VentureLift Africa

We help select companies with strong business models expand into new markets and scale their operations. We engage African companies for regional expansion and into the U.S. and US businesses, particularly those which are Diaspora-owned and managed, enter the Africa market.

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