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Carliss Bell

Film Festival Director/Producer

CARLISS BELL, of Creole descent, is a mother of two amazing daughters, grandmother, entrepreneur, self-taught in many ways, soon to graduate her Masters from the Business School at Pepperdine University. She has over 35yrs of employment in Business Mgmt at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Corporation.

She is a Producer and the Director of the Africa USA International Film Festival and in this function, serves as a connector and facilitator. Africa USA International Film Festival's primary agenda is to foster films, curate documentaries and align stories into the film festival. Africa USA Film Festival strives to align, develope, distribute, and open opportunities for the filmmakers to get connected with new talent from abroad, using the film schools in Africa and the USA.

Carliss Bell's Mentor, Patrick Bet-David (Insurance CEO) has shown her "it's not enough to be king, but to become a king maker!" Sincmeeting Patrick, she has become a licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent which speaks vastly into taking her world, her peers, and putting them into position to leave a legacy, creating more kings. 

Congresswoman Diane Watson, as one of her cherished mentors, has advised her on matters such as School and Community issues. Carliss' passion for Culture and Community Outreach has fashioned her into being an Activist. Carliss has rallied behind and alongside great community movements. 

At home, she is the family' chef cultivating her mother's Creole cuisines which is stemmed from "cooking with love" and all who know her call her Pocahontas, meaning "the peacemaker".

Carliss Bell
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