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Kanwar Usman

Director of Textiles ICAC

Kanwar Usman is the first-ever Head of Textiles at the ICAC and has 25 years of experience in the textiles value chain including production, teaching, retail brands and in government for policy formulation and implementation. Usman is a 1999 graduate of the textile engineering school at the National Textile University in Pakistan. The formative years of his practical experience were marked by a rewarding experience of working with Nishat Mills where he was also responsible for the installation of a spinning unit. He was a lecturer at the National Textile University and completed the MBA program at the University of East London. Usman worked for Ministry of Commerce and Textile for 15 years and headed Research, Development and Advisory Cell and Textile Wing for 12 years. He formulated three textiles policies in Pakistan and also designed and operated many support schemes to promote trade and improve competitiveness in the textiles value chain.

At ICAC, Usman is responsible for providing advice to Member countries for development of their textiles value chain and providing a platform to share best practices, innovation and sustainability measures for the textiles and allied industries.

Kanwar Usman
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