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Pamela Asobo Anchang

Managing Editor The Immigrant Magazine

Pamela Asobo Anchang, a driving force in immigrant advocacy and journalism since 2003, serves as the award-winning Managing Editor of The Immigrant Magazine. Her unwavering commitment to immigration reform and exceptional editing skills have earned her numerous accolades.

Pamela's mission is to reinstate the dignity lost in the migration process, challenging negative stereotypes associated with immigrants. Under her leadership, The Immigrant Magazine has become the authentic voice for immigrants, endorsed by influential figures and organizations.

Pamela hosts multiple shows, aimed at fostering unity through storytelling and dialogue. Her insightful interviews with influential figures from various fields offer profound insights into culture, identity, and social change. Pamela's primary focus is grassroots-level advocacy, leveraging her platform to amplify immigrant voices and improve their lives.

As President of The Immigrant Magazine, Pamela spearheads initiatives like the "Stop The Hate in Black Immigrant Communities" Campaign, supported by the State of California. Through partnerships with corporate giants and diverse advertising opportunities, she ensures brands connect authentically with diverse audiences, reflecting The Immigrant Magazine's commitment to celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

Pamela Asobo Anchang
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