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Roman Combs

Founder, Roman's Global Enterprise

Roman Combs is a distinguished entrepreneur, technologist, and a beacon of innovation with a profound dedication to fostering community development both locally in South LA and globally across the African continent. His journey is a testament to the power of leveraging technology, design, and entrepreneurial spirit to bridge divides and create impactful, sustainable solutions.

As the visionary founder of  Roman's Global Enterprise, Roman has been at the forefront of pioneering advancements in product manufacturing and digital platforms. His endeavors not only showcase an exceptional knack for blending art and design with technology but also highlight his commitment to making technological advancements accessible and empowering for communities worldwide.

Roman's engagement with Africa stands as a cornerstone of his global impact. Through collaborative projects and initiatives, he has worked closely with local communities across the continent to drive innovation, support economic empowerment, and facilitate educational opportunities. His efforts in Africa reflect a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities present, emphasizing sustainable growth, technological inclusivity, and the nurturing of local talent.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Roman is deeply committed to social impact. His work in South LA and across various African countries has been instrumental in uplifting underrepresented voices, fostering economic empowerment, and bridging the digital divide. This commitment has spurred significant local development and inspired a broader movement towards inclusive and sustainable growth in the tech industry.

An alumnus of Dorsey High School, UCR, Tecliemert and GRX Immersive.  Roman's expertise and innovative leadership have garnered recognition in numerous international forums focused on innovation, economic development, and social change. As a speaker, he brings invaluable insights, experiences, and a unique perspective on leveraging technology for economic empowerment, the importance of creativity in product development, and the pivotal role of community-centric approaches in global trade.

At the Pan African Global Trade Conference, Roman is poised to share his vision for leveraging technology and entrepreneurship as catalysts for economic growth and social change in Africa and beyond. His work exemplifies a commitment to a more interconnected, equitable world, serving as a source of inspiration and a call to action for entrepreneurs, innovators, and community leaders everywhere.

Roman Combs
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