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Alfonso Washington

Executive Director, Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Al Washington, the Executive Director of the Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce and Industry has over of 40 years of experience with local, state, and federal government programs and community-based programs involving community service and education and training systems development.


He is an acknowledged expert in developing, implementing, promoting and evaluating public service, economic development, education & training, and public relations programs that contribute to social and economic improvements. His background includes experience in international trade & commerce, regional workforce planning and development, organized labor, political organizing, public education, community relations and volunteer public service.


His current position as a program development consultant to the Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce & Industry has increased his conviction that the economic development of Africa and the Pan African Diaspora must be the primary of focus of the political and socio-economic programs of African Americans and the African Union.

Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce and Industry

760 E. Mariposa St. #D,

Altadena, CA 91001


Alfonso Washington
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