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Alicia Clark

Director of Global Partnerships for the Center for Global Africa (CGA)

Alicia Clark is the Director of Global Partnerships for the Center for Global Africa (CGA), an advocacy, research, and consultancy think tank that applies systems approaches and solutions to address key intersections of US-

Africa governance, policy, and socioeconomics for shared development. She is responsible for managing and developing global alliances to align organizational priorities and strategic initiatives with Agenda 2063, United

Nations Sustainable Development Goals and National Plans of Action. She serves as CGA’s Focal Point for Women & Youth Initiatives.

Alicia is a Steering Committee Member of the recently launched African Union African Women Leaders Diaspora Network. The AWLN Diaspora Launch is a milestone for the network and a call to action for women of African descent worldwide to join forces in advancing gender equality, women's empowerment, and leadership. The launch underscored the Diaspora's crucial role in fostering an enabling environment to create an ecosystem for sustained peace, stability, and development in Africa and within its Diaspora.

Alicia’s personal mission is to advance the development of women and youth-centered initiatives in the Sixth Region and Africa, aligning with institutions whose “bottom line” is global impact and transformation. Her years of executive experience as well as strong international relationships acquired from working with business leaders, government executives and community-based organizations at the highest levels, personifies her as a global change agent.

Alicia Clark
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