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Judson Wendell Addy

Chair Africa Private Sector Summit

Mr. J. Wendell Addy (RTD) a business leader, an entrepreneur and investor who has successfully executed projects internationally over the last 40 years. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Addy’s passion for humanity and his commitment to family continues to call forth his vision for sustainable development, transformation and peace in developing countries. Mr. Addy’s primary focus is economic empowerment of nationals with emphasis in sustainable rural community economic activities that promote and support peace and stability – the corridor enabler for the State of Security of any Nation. His background in Marketing and Finance has positioned him to work with investors, private and public financing institutions from across the globe. Mr. Addy’s personal business interest and experience spans trading, construction, banking and finance, business development and trade export consultancy. Mr. Addy is a strong advocate for the Private Sector Bill of Rights (PSBoR) for an Enabling Business Environment in Africa, and a champion for Academia and Private Sector marriage collaboration for academia to produce data and tailored skills set for business. In his view, the Academia and Private Sector working collaboration and the PSBoR are catalyst enablers that would propel and ensure the implementation of the RECs and AfCFTA protocols for Africa’s march to the Fourth Industrial Revolution to deliver Africa’s transformation for the Africa we want. Mr. Addy sees “AfCFTA as a GIFT to the private sector, stakeholders and people of Africa from the leaders of Africa, the Private Sector and Partners must seize the moment for collective actions to deliver Mother Africa!” Mr. Addy has attended and actively participated in national, regional, continental and international conferences on a variety of subjects.

Advocacy Projects:

Call for the Positioning of Academia and the Private Sector as part of a genuine tripartite body with the Public Sector/Government in the development and execution of national, regional and continental agendas

Private Sector Bill of Rights for an Enabling Business Environment in Africa (Drafting Contract funded by UNECA) Next steps: Vetting, Validation and Advocacy for adoption at the country, regional and AU levels. The success of AfCFTA is dependent on an enabling business environment in Africa, hence, the urgent need for the PSBoR.

Africa Education Trust Fund (AETF). (Organizing Committee established). Purposed to Revamp the Education System tailored to meet the skills set needs of Business.

APSS Democracy Initiative (TAADI) . An initiative to advance democracy through job creation and economic empowerment

Mainstream Private Sector and Academia representative organizations as Implementing Partners (IPs) in donor and multilateral organizations funded programs and associated projects.

Mainstream the Health of the Relations between Government and the Private Sector as policy condition for Donor and Multilateral institutions lending and grants funds.

Call for pollical parties to establish core values and principles as their ideology as means of identifying the parties. This would aid voters to make membership decisions and participate in advancing the party’s national agenda.

He states that “Academia and Private sector must collaborate and work with the Public Sector to reset Africa’s Policy and Program for Prosperity!”

Judson Wendell Addy
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