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Professor Ezrah Aharone

Author, consultant, public intellectual, academic diplomat, and Diaspora specialist to the African Union (AU)

Professor Ezrah Aharone is an author, consultant, public intellectual, academic diplomat, and Diaspora specialist to the African Union (AU). As a Scholar of Sovereign Studies and Professor of Global Societies and the African American Experience, he is committed to advancing student success and faculty professionalization at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in partnership with African counterparts to create systems

approaches to operationalize mutual U.S.-Africa-Diaspora development.

Professor Ezrah is a Hampton University graduate with over 4 decades of lived experience in African affairs and geopolitics who works as a consultant, strategist, and subject-matter expert to governments, businesses, and institutions. His written articles that uniquely address complex global topics in simplified ways, have been syndicated in over 100 media sources globally. As an author he published 3 seminal books that examine and interpret the concept and consciousness of sovereignty as an ever evolving political and

universal ideal shaping governance, institutions, ideology, and societal mindsets and behaviors, with explicit and dialectic lenses on benefits and detriments to Africa, the Diaspora, and Africans in America.

Professor Ezrah is a contributor to the university textbook Freedom on My Mind: A History of African Americans with Documents, and he is recognized among “Notable Alumni of Hampton University” in Historically Black Colleges and Universities: What You Should Know. He is the conceptualizer and founding executive director of the Center for Global Africa (CGA), which is a Sixth Region think tank with governance, policy, and socioeconomic concentrations that intermediates with private-public partners to connect the academics of HBCUs to economies of Africa with solution oriented, capacity building, and mutually beneficial outcomes.

As a futurist, Professor Ezrah structured a historic partnership between the CGA and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), which is the AU’s specialized agency that focuses on improving African governance and

socioeconomic productivity, as per Agenda 2063 which is the AU’s 50-year plan for transformative development. This distinguishes the CGA as the first and only HBCU institution in such partnership with the AU, encompassing 44 nations.

Professor Ezrah commonly makes presentations and interfaces with African leaders at the highest levels of government, institutions, industry, and civil society. This includes leading delegations to Africa to address development areas that include education, trade and investment, food security, digital infrastructure, conflict prevention, and public health.

Considering Africa’s emerging economies and opportunities, Professor Ezrah views his body of work as a critical and enterprising nexus for shared and sustainable U.S.-Africa-Diaspora development, while uniquely expanding the 21st-century role and relevance of HBCUs and African universities

Professor Ezrah Aharone
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