Trade & Investment Conference

August 18-20 2022 : HISTORIC 10th Pan African Global Trade & Investment Conference
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The Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference is designed to establish a U.S. based public/private coalition to develop and implement policies and strategies for economic development and foreign direct investment in the African Continent and the Pan African Diaspora to help small business owners participate in international trade and commerce in Africa and the African Diaspora.

When: August 18-20, 2022

Where: Atlanta, Georgia


Live Steam: Details Coming Soon 

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10th Annual
Pan African Global
Trade and Investment Conference

The conference is an important first step in the establishment of a U.S. based public/private effort associated with international trade and commerce and current business opportunities in Africa and the Caribbean.


We also use the conference to present and discuss African Diaspora Mobilization Initiatives currently being developed by the African Union, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Sixth Region African Diaspora Caucus.  We will also highlight the potential for providing viable opportunities for bilateral trade, investment and commerce between Africa, the United States and the African Diaspora. 


The Legacy Continues 

The US-Africa Chamber of Commerce Network

Expanding Trade & Investment 

between Africa & the Pan African Diaspora

The 10th Annual  Pan African Global Trade and Investment Cultural Conference in Atlanta, Georgia will be hosted at some of the premier sites used by civil rights leaders to help frame the foundation for trade and economic development in Atlanta and the world.  This 2022 Conference will be the continuation of a legacy.

Allen Conf Center logo.png

The Allen Entrepreneurial Institute and Conference Center

3235 Evans Mill Road | Stonecrest, Georgia 30038

Andrew Young.png

An Ambassador, Congressman, Mayor, and Civil Rights Leader

black wallstreet white logo.png

The New Black Wall Street Market

8109 Mall Parkway | Stonecrest, Georgia 30038

Paschals Restaurant logo.png

Paschal's Restaurant

180 Northside Dr SW | Atlanta, GA 30313

Rice center logo.png

Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs

504 Fair St SW | Atlanta, GA 30313

georgia state University.png
Alice Bussey.png

A civil rights and social justice pioneer that helped Ambassador Andrew Young launch a major trade initiative in Atlanta.  She helped to bring international imports into the Atlanta markets, opened doors for Georgia grown exports to the world and focused on building a strong black economy in the community.

Georgia State University Buckhead Center 

Tower Place 200 | 3348 Peachtree Rd NE |, Atlanta, GA 30326

Why Trade Matters?

Small Business Owner
Image by Annie Spratt
Barber Portrait
Image by Etty Fidele
Young Barista
Women farmers AFRICA
Fashion Store Manager
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Houcine Ncib
Local Family Business
Image by Ashim D’Silva

To move beyond the glass ceiling in the US markets, black owned and operated businesses must consider that 95% of their potential new customer base can be found in international markets.  Africa has seven (7) of the fastest growing economies in the world, with the youngest workforce and a medium age of 17 years old.  Africa is rich in minerals, natural resources and has 80% of the worlds arable land for agriculture.  Forging trade relationships with Africa makes sense and they are welcoming us to the table.

Industry Sectors PAGTI.png

There are 55 countries on the continent of Africa where there are opportunities in every imaginable industry sector.  They have the natural resources, we have the talent, experience, and investments to make an impact on the economy and lives of millions of continental Africans and Africans in the Diaspora. Whether it is products or services, global trading with Africa should be an option for your companies growth and expansion.

Company Is Coming

"I have been waiting for this moment for when we can recognise the power  black business men and women have. I will try and attend,  need to inform you, I have travelled to 12 African countries and is doing business in many, been in business in South Africa for 43 yrs."  

- Malcolm Green, Founder/CEO/Winepreneur La RicMal Estates

La RicMal Malcolm.png
Mrs Mary Concilia ANCHANG visiting stands at the  AFP pitching and launch Feb 5th 2021 Yao
FICOTA logo.png

"I accept the Invitation"

Barrister Mary Concila Anchang

Founder, African Chamber of Trade and Commerce - Yaounde, Cameroon

ACC logo.jpg

"This strategic alliance is not only the collaboration between two great companies, but a movement positioned to build bridges that fund philanthropic responsibility throughout the world via social innovation.

- Founder and CEO Dream Flights International

DFI logo.jpg
dr. daniel mckorley.jpg
McDan Logo.png

"Nobody can deliver chane on their own. The only way to create partnerships across sectors. That's why all of us at McDan Group, we believe in strategic investment alliances that drive the improvement of livelihoods of Ghanaians- Dr. Daniel McKorley Founder/President McDan Group

Ambassador kitko Gata.jpeg

"I accept the invitation to help the world to see the importance of investment in the french speaking countries of Africa. We would like to establish a sister city in America- Ambassador-at-Large for the Office of the President of Chad, Kitoko Gata-Ngoulou



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