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Dr. Dennis Matanda

Professor, CEO, Morgenthau Stirling, Inc., and Advisory Board Member of the Institutional Investor Network

Dennis’ skills and expertise on socio-economic growth and development have been honed over a 25-year period—dexterity that is optimally balanced by an in-depth knowledge and pragmatic approach to governance and global politics. He continues to excel at designing internationalization strategies, and building soft communication infrastructure for multilateral organizations, governments and private sector entities. Dennis is a brilliant writer, and servant leader.

Dr. Dennis Matanda was staff director of the Foreign Affairs sub-committee on AFrica, Global Health, and Global Human Rights in the US House of Representatives. Between 2013 and 2018, he represented COMESA in Washington, DC, and testified to the US Congress and the US International Trade Commision (USITC). With extensive trade, investment, and strategic communication experience garnered from working in over 35 developing countries for the African Union, COMESA, ECOWAS, UN, and USAID, Dennis is a much sought after expert on socio-economic relations between Africa and developed nations He is also an adjunct professor of contemporary American politics.

Dr. Dennis Matanda
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