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Queen Ahneva Ahneva


Considered one of the most sought-after cultural fashion designers, AHNEVA AHNEVA has significantly impacted the worldview of the cultural connection between the art and science of design and its origins in Africa. Her knowledge of indigenous world fabrics, of weaving and beading techniques makes her an imminent authority in the field. The majority of the indigenous fabrics she sources are biodegradable and sustainable, that do not harm the environment or are highly “eco-friendly.”

Ahneva is often referred to as a “textile griot.”

Unlike many other fashion designers who procure fabrics from intermediary brokers or use prints of original woven cloths, Ahneva goes directly to local African and Asian villages to meet and study with weavers and beaders who have perfected their arts as passed down for centuries and who appreciate that one of their daughters seeks them out to continue the legacy of their textile traditions. From Kente and Mud cloth to the glorious hand-woven silks from Malaysia and Thailand, Ahneva knows where to find these select fabrics and how to form them into exquisite Wearable Art garments. She has developed her our own design and tailoring processes for creating one-of-a-kind concepts that are unlike anything else on the market.

Ahneva’s celebrity clientele (including Chris Tucker, Bill Clinton, Angela Bassett, and many international artists, politicians, and dignitaries) know that when they want to “represent’ the go-to designer is Ahneva Ahneva. With over 30 years of experience studying, crafting, designing, and using fabrics from weavers in Africa and Asia, Ahneva creates garments considered “Wearable Art.” Once you wear one of her designs, you feel crowned in the glory of rich cultural history.

Queen Ahneva Ahneva possesses the ingenuity and beauty of African culture in her spirit. Her desire to promote Africa and its people is undying. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison, she was there with U.S. Senator Diane E. Watson as Special Events Coordinator to organize the American segment of his world tour. As a show of love, Ahneva designed a crown*

(using South African flag colors) for Winnie Mandela.

Ahneva’s Cultural Couture African Design company won the bid to design the 1984, Nigerian Olympics Delegation uniforms. Ahneva created all of the traditional wear of the Nigerian Olympics delegation also.

The Los Angeles Times newspaper cited her as being “a professor of African textiles.”


Ahneva has trained hundreds of students in fashion design in Africa and America. She is currently building an academy for textiles in Ghana West Africa.

The journey she began as a designer and teacher has inevitably led her to become the Founder of the AFRICAN TEXTILE MUSEUM. This is the greatest expression of gratitude Ahneva could give to the people of the African continent and the Diaspora that have afforded her so many achievements in the Fashion and Design space. The African Textile Museum celebrates each woven thread, dye, and bead our ancestors so intricately created and that we must now preserve and pass on to generations to come.

Ahneva recognizes the inherent value of promoting and protecting these textile treasures through exhibits and installations. At the African Textile Museum, she has established a splendid showcase where visitors can experience first-hand the richness of their culture through textiles from several African nations. Through interactive workshops and artist-residence experiences, Ahneva is creating a practical pathway for the next generation of textile creatives to learn the origins and importance of these classic arts.


Ahneva is an award-winning African couture designer and promoter with over 100 awards crowding her shelves and walls. She was recently recognized in Los Angeles, California as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

Ahneva is honored to have had a day named for her in Washington, DC by Mayor Marion Barry and a day in Brooklyn, New York by Mayor Howard Golden. Likewise, Ahneva received her day in Stonecrest Georgia in along with The African Textile Museum Day by the Mayor of Stone Crest, Georgia in 2022.

Ahneva continues to be recognized as a leader in the African Textile and Design space, currently nominated to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Biden organized by the African Caribbean Faith Base Leadership Conference in 2023 Washington.


Queen Ahneva

Queen Ahneva Ahneva


Contact Information:

African Textile Museum


20 Trillium Terrace

Covington, GA 30016


Queen Ahneva Ahneva
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